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Carrara Fusion

Carrara Fusion Quartz Countertop Sample
Carrara Fusion Quartz Slab Image

Carrara Fusion quartz countertops have a beautiful marbling effect with different shades of gray. Quartz can give your space the timeless look of marble while still providing the durability and low maintenance of quartz countertops.


Pricing and Availability
Carrara Fusion Quartz
Carrara Fusion Quartz pricing is dependant on several variables such as:
  • Square footage of your project
  • Type of sink and range cutouts
Because East Coast Granite & Marble is the largest countertop fabricator in Raleigh:
  • We will always have the best price in the area
  • We will work hard to meet your expectations and budget

Carrara Fusion Quartz Countertops
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